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Phone System Call Reporting

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Reporting that’s anything but standard.

Commercial Technology Solutions proudly offers Xima Chronicall (Also available as Avaya Chronicall).  With its unique feature set, Chronicall is used worldwide to help businesses ​keep track of their call flow.

Xima Chronicall includes Standard Reports and Cradle to Grave. These two features are the framework of Chronicall and provide an intuitive system that makes managing your team simple.

Every moment of a call is displayed clearly within Xima’s easy-to-use Cradle to Grave interface. And with over fifty call reports for you to choose from, you are sure to find one that works best for you and your team.

Cradle to Grave stores and displays every event that takes place during a phone call, which means you can easily look at a call from “hello” to hang up. You can see whether there was a transfer, how long they waited on a hold or queue, how many users the client spoke with, how many calls were missed, and more. Cradle to Grave empowers companies with all the details they need to improve their business.