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Engenius DuraFon Pro Cordless

The long-range phone system that goes where Wi-Fi and DECT phones cannot

The DuraFon PRO is a long-range, expandable cordless phone system that is compatible with existing PBX or IP-PBX phone systems. For companies or organizations that require a much longer range communication solution than what Wi-Fi phones or DECT phones can deliver, DuraFon PRO is an ideal solution and one that doesn’t come with the recurring expense from a telephony carrier or service provider.


The DuraFon PRO long-range cordless phone system is ideal for business and organizations with employees who conduct work on larger properties outside of a conventional office like large resort properties, schools, colleges and universities, sports arenas or stadiums, golf courses, warehouses, high-rise hotels, expansive agricultural properties, industrial plants, oil and gas fields, convention centers, amusement parks, and other venues where employees need to stay in constant contact with a main office or management team and where Wi-Fi or DECT phones can’t reach.

The system is a complementary addition to virtually any existing telecommunications platform because it can plug right into an existing PBX or IP-PBX phone system. Companies and organizations can start with a simple single base station and purchase additional handsets and then buy additional base stations and handsets as they need them. The DuraFon PRO system also support ruggedized DuraWalkies for 2-Way Radio communication over the same long-range distances that PRO handsets are capable even without an intervening base station.

The DuraFon PRO-PIA is the perfect starter package for any business requiring workplace mobility and multiple handsets. This package includes (4) DuraFon handsets along with the DuraFon PRO (4) line base unit. This kit also includes an extra battery and a DuraPouch for each DuraFon handset for added protection.

DuraFon Pro Cordless

Product Highlights

+ Up to 12 floors in-building penetration
+ Up to 250,000 sq. ft. of facility coverage
+ Up to 3,000 acres of property, open land coverage
+ Multi-Line (4-ports / line per base unit)
+ Supports up to 90 DuraFon PRO or DuraWalkie handsets
+ Works behind any analog port (PBX, VOIP, PSTN, FXS or POTS)
+ Expandable to (8) bases for (32) line/ports

Multiple Handset Start Kit

Product Highlights

+ One (1) DuraFon PRO Base Unit
+ Four (4) DuraFon PRO Handsets
+ Eight (8) Lithium-Lon Battery Packs
+ Four (4) AC Charging Cradles w/ power adapters
+ Four (4) Belt Clips
+ Four (4) Optimal Performance Handset Antennas
+ Four (4) DuraPouch – Handset Holsters