Cloud Office redefines how your business communicates

With simplicity, ease of use, and a wide range of customizable options, Avaya Cloud Office empowers organizations of any size to enhance their employee experiences, leading to improved customer experiences.

All-in-one cloud communications


Help teams collaborate effortlessly. Employees can communicate effectively, no matter where they are by seamlessly transitioning among communication channels—including calls, messaging, and meetings—all from a single platform.

Simplified administration

Automatic maintenance provides businesses with updates and upgrades without any manual intervention, ensuring your communication platforms stays current, eliminating the risk of disruptions while serving your customers. Our hands-off, worry-free solution makes administration a breeze for your business.

Tailored cloud migration

Provide your business a path to cloud communication with familiar Avaya telephony features and devices. Avaya Cloud Office is uniquely positioned to provide Avaya customers limited business disruption and modern cloud features at the same time.

Call, meet, message, and more:

  • Simplify with a virtual office app
  • Collaborate with teams and customers
  • Use any device, from any location
  • Add unified communications to your toolset