Structured Cabling

Commercial Technology Solutions are at your disposal for professional network cabling services. Your network infrastructure can be planned, designed, and installed by in-house project managers and multi-state by our skilled field technicians. We can set up your system and then maintain, debug, and upgrade it as necessary. Cable installations and coaxial and optical fiber cable installations are all part of our range of services.

Installation of Structured Cabling

Any size network may be planned, designed, installed, maintained, troubleshot, and upgraded using our structured cabling services. Our in-house professionals are prepared to start working for you with one drop or one thousand drops.

Testing of network wiring

The wiring infrastructure forms the basis of every network. Certification and Testing of existing or new copper or fiber networks are among our services.

Wi-Fi Network Installation

We provide full-service wireless network installation throughout the nation. Your network can be designed, planned, and installed entirely by us. Each wireless solution is specifically created to address the issues and requirements of your site.


Networks CAT5, Cat6, and Cat7

CTS provides a comprehensive range of services capable of delivering effective solutions that fit your demand. Our professionals can do both fresh network installations and network modifications. 

Fiber-optic networks

Our specialists are adept in setting up and maintaining fiber lines. We’ll assist you with constructing a fiber network from the ground up, integrating a fiber network with an existing local copper network, or developing a special solution for your company’s requirements.

Other Cabling Services

CTS offers a comprehensive selection of installation services tailored to the requirements of retail outlets and other enterprises. For a range of audio and video systems, our specialists can run the wire and set up the necessary hardware, including:

  • Speakers and background music systems
  • Public address systems and overhead paging
  • Security surveillance Systems
  • Coax cabling
  • T1, DSL, POTS Lines


Installation of networks and cabling

CTS offers cabling installation services for business, academic, and industrial customers. Our in-house trained experts’ service video, voice, and data networks in various settings, including small local companies, educational institutions, and major industrial complexes. From designing and installing brand-new networks to extending demarc to an existing network, our professionals handle every step of network setup. In addition, we specialize in streamlining the process of providing technology solutions.

Connecting your firm’s network to a data line, such as a T1, DSL, or POTS provided by the telephone company or another vendor, is known as a demarc extension. We have vast experience extending demarc lines in various settings, including high-rise structures, warehouses, offices, shopping centers, and schools.