Avaya Business Phone Systems

With an Avaya IP Office you have total control of your environment, providing the agility your business demands.

The Avaya IP Office phone system provides comprehensive control over your system. You decide the required uptime for your business, and we assist you in crafting and sustaining it. System modifications and additions occur instantly, eliminating the need to wait for weeks on an unresponsive service provider.

Our engineers handle all programming and implementation intricacies collaboratively, engaging key personnel from various departments within your organization. The significance of on-site implementation and training should not be underestimated. Similar to any technological product, its effectiveness is contingent on the proficiency of the individuals utilizing it.

Why use an Avaya phone system?

Control & Reliability: The heart of the system, including core equipment and licensing, is under your direct control within your facility or facilities. No one understands the importance of system uptime better than you. The Avaya IP Office is adaptable to various environments, offering High Availability options.

Flexibility: The Avaya IP Office seamlessly operates with multiple carrier connections such as landlines, PRIs, and SIP trunking services, ensuring optimal performance for each device on your voice network.

World-Class Feature Set: With the Avaya IP Office, there are no limitations—only peace of mind. Whether you need a specific function during initial installation or six months later, you can trust that the Avaya system will deliver.

Wire Diversity: Every business has a unique infrastructure, and investing thousands of dollars in new wiring may not always be economically feasible. The Avaya IP Office accommodates any existing wiring type without compromising function or features.

The era of Voice over IP (VoIP) has emerged as the new telecom standard. The compelling advantages of integrating your phone system, such as the Avaya PBX system, with the internet are apparent. However, this doesn’t necessitate relinquishing control of the system to a third party.

VoIP manifests in various forms, and the Avaya PBX system is a prime example. Through SIP trunking, the IP Office can route your calls over the internet, offering substantial cost savings akin to a 100% VoIP phone solution. Importantly, this is achieved without the need to relocate all your equipment to an offsite data center, allowing you to maintain control and ensure uninterrupted uptime.

Advantages of a Premise Based PBX

CARRIER VERSATILITY: Ever wondered why your business might need various types of dial tone services? Perhaps you have essential systems like lifelines, HVAC, or security that rely on landline phone services. Yet, for businesses seeking a High Availability solution, considering carrier redundancy is crucial. Just like ISP failover, an environment prioritizing High Availability should diversify its dial tone sources (SIP, PRI, POTS) to guarantee uninterrupted call flow. The IP Office excels in servicing multiple carriers simultaneously, providing failover capabilities in the event of carrier downtime.

DIVERSIFIED CARRIER OPTIONS: Have you ever questioned the need for different dial tone services in your business? Certain critical systems, such as lifelines, HVAC, or security, may depend on traditional landline phone services. However, for businesses aiming for a High Availability solution, the importance of carrier redundancy cannot be overstated. Similar to ISP failover strategies, an environment focused on High Availability should embrace diversity in dial tone sources (SIP, PRI, POTS) to ensure a seamless flow of calls. The IP Office stands out by seamlessly managing multiple carriers concurrently, offering failover capabilities in case of any carrier downtime.

COMPLETE COMMAND: Having authority over the phone system equipment is particularly advantageous for larger organizations with existing infrastructure to host their own platform. Managing basic tasks like re-routing phone numbers or adding extensions is beneficial for any organization. However, you don’t have to go it alone. Third-party service agreements are at your disposal, enhancing uptime and support.

COST-EFFECTIVE FUNCTIONALITY: The mantra “complexity equals cost” need not be synonymous with extravagance. When your feature needs encompass technologies such as Call Recording, Contact Center, Advanced, or Custom Reporting, the IP Office delivers these capabilities in a cost-effective manner. Say goodbye to expensive recurring user fees that can accumulate swiftly on larger systems.