Partner ACS Phone System

Avaya Communication Small Business Phone System: The Avaya Partner ACS (Advanced Communication System) solution.

Avaya Partner ACS Phone System:

From AT&T through Lucent Technologies to Avaya Communications, Avaya has maintained the legacy of the Partner product line, ensuring the preservation of investments with their Partner ACS family of solutions, including Partner SOE (Small Office Edition) and Partner ACS. Clients have the flexibility to integrate their existing phone sets and packs with the latest Partner ACS processor.

The evolution of Partner telephone sets commenced with the Partner MLS series (MLS 6, MLS 12, MLS 12D, MLS 18, MLS 18D, and MLS 34D), progressing to the Partner Eurostyle (now referred to as Series I) sets (Partner 6 Button, Partner 18, Partner 18D, and Partner 34D). The introduction of the Partner ACS R7.0 brought forth Series II phones, featuring enhanced displays and user-friendly keys.

For legacy Partner customers using Partner Endeavor, Partner II (Partner 2), Partner + (Partner Plus), or employing Partner Telephone Sets on their Merlin phone system, reaching out to the CTS Sales Department can facilitate a smooth migration to a new phone solution.

Key Features:

  • Busy lamp field green and red lights for user and line status
  • Allows for channelized T1 (up to 16 channels with R7.0 with future released to increase)
  • Cordless phones
  • Tip ring ports or enhanced tip ring ports that allow either Partner or single line phones to work without any additional equipment
  • PCMCIA slots for backup/restore, ASA/DXD and small Partner messaging card (4 box or 16 box)
  • External voicemail options for enhanced voicemail options (ie visual messages and multiple attendants)
  • Remote call forward and caller ID and more…
  • Music on hold port right on the processor